If you're looking to buy an eBike for yourself or a family member, we can help. Electrice bike hire is our bread and butter, and we think that makes us the perfect place to buy an eBike! Here's why:

  1. KnowledgeableWe send out thousands of rentals each year, so we've picked up quite a lot of knowledge about what makes an excellent eBike. We are constantly researching the latest trends in the industry in order to improve our own hire fleet (we want affordable, high-quality bikes too!), and we pass that knowledge on to you.
  2. Test Rides  - The best way to make a good purchase is by test riding.  We have a great location on the waterfront for test rides, and plenty of bikes for you to ride.Whether you want to ride an eBike for a week before commiting to buying, or compare models with a spin around the block, we are set up to get you riding. We offer free 24 hour test rides on most models.
  3. ServiceMaintaining a large hire fleet involves lots of work, so we have become experts at servicing eBikes. We only service bikes that we have sold, which means we can take the time to do an excellent job keeping your bike on the road. And every bike sold gets its first service for free.
  4. Free Hire VouchersOnce you have your own eBike, you're going to want to share the joy with others! That's why we give every bike purchaser five vouchers for free full day bike hire - use them to bring your friends and family on rides and spread the eBike revolution.
  5. Used BikesWe often have ex-rental bikes for sale at discounted prices. These bikes have been meticulously cared for and get a full servicing before being sold.

All new bikes come with a warranty and we offer 12 month interest free financing on all full priced models.

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