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“Great Experience” October 2017
The perfect way to get out and explore around the Wellington bays. Helpful and enjoyable service, highly recommended.
-Grant, Wellington New Zealand

“Fantastic Fun” September 2017
So easy to learn and a great way to see the inner suburbs of Wellington. Great cycleways and courteous drivers when road cycling was necessary. From city to beach to hilltop views all within a few kilometers and the power assist was a bonus in the wind! Highly recommend to all ages
-Francis, New Zealand

“First time on an eBike and now I want one!” September 2017
On Saturday my wife and I hired an electric bike and after registering and a great pre ride induction from Ryan we rode around 30 kms of Wellington. Enjoyed the experience – would recommend the company and experience.
-Andrew, New Zealand

“Fun and fitness while seeing Wellington up close-what a hoot” October 2017
The middle-aged unfit (mostly) couples, decided to bike to the Chocolate fish for lunch. Never been on an ebike before. What a hoot, great fun, pretty easy even into the Wellington head wind. We went around the water front, along past the airport, refreshed with a couple of beers and lunch at the Choccy Fish and then around the north end of Mirimar peninsular, past Peter Jackson’s beaut place, past the airport and home. The macho men went up and over Hataitai hill to test the ebike grunt. 25km/hr uphill! The girls moseyed along the waterfront to see the ferry go by. The Great day’s outing. You could stop in at the Weta Cave if you wanted, and still be back in good time. Take a jacket or a jersey, there are carriers for your bag, helmets provided. We parked underneath so we could stagger back to our car, and it was cheaper than 4 on the train from Jville return. Highly recommended fun day trip. But make sure you book ahead, which is not so easy with Wellington’s inclement weather. We were so lucky to score a great day.
-Leanne, Wellington New Zealand

“No better way to get around” September 2017
Great central location for pick up and drop off. I couldn’t think of anything better then to travel around wellington on. Friendly service, I’ve enjoyed Wellington even more thanks to Switched on Bikes
-Barclay, Auckland New Zealand

“The young ones on a cold winters day “ September 2017
We are six retired women that belong to a Cycling Group and hired electric bikes for our day long intrepid cycle of Wellington. Ryan, who had been so helpful in moving our booking until it was a day that was not pouring, kitted us out with bikes, helmets and panniers. He showed us how they work and tips for a cloudy chilly southerly day. We set out around the harbour and Oriental bay and as we rounded the corner into Evans Bay into a strong head-on southerly wind we grinned from ear to ear as we uped the power and cruised on into it and around to Chocolate Fish Cafe for our coffee break. Fuelled up we headed on around to Seaton through Brandon’s Pass and around through the airport tunnel to Lyall Bay. From there we cruised on through Island Bay to Owhiro Bay and the Red Rocks Carpark where we found some shelter for our picnic. Then it was up Ohiro road to Brooklyn to test our bikes on steep Todman Street and on and up to the wind turbine. Amazing to be able to cycle up such gradients. Sadly we were in the clouds so no views though rewarded with great views over Wellington on the way down. We really had a great day cycled 48ks and all were sold on electric bikes.
Switched on bikes were so good and Ryan was so friendly and helpful and enjoyed seeing 6 very happy folk arrive back. We will do it again. Thank you Ryan.
-Carolyn, Auckland New Zealand

“Great tourist addition for Wellington” September 2017
I hired an eBike for two hours. I am an occasional bike rider, and the eBike was a revelation! Although I was still pedalling, I managed to eat up the kilometers and tour around the bays and I still had time for a side trip up in the hill suburbs before I returned the bike. This is when the power of the bike really showed itself. I was flying up hills that I would most likely have to get off and push for a normal bike. I am definitely going to rent one again the next time I am in Wellington. Highly recommended!
-Andy, Christchurch New Zealand

“So much fun” September 2017
First time on an ebike and absolutely loved it. Rode up Mt Vic for great views. Head-wind? No problem!
-Random Rider, Wellington New Zealand

Older Reviews

“Sold on Electric” September 2016
Hired a couple of bikes and headed out to tackle the Wellington Wind. Following the route recommended we biked the coastal route and up Miramar Heights without stopping. Hills and I don’t go “hand in hand” so I never thought I would get to the top of one very steep hill with enough breathe left to have a good laugh at the top. We highly recommend a visit to ‘Switched on Bikes’ to experience one of the cheapest, healthiest and most fun experiences in Wellington.
-A Couple of Golden Oldies, Taupo New Zealand

“I’m converted!” August 2016
Took my first ride on an ebike today doubling my 7 year old on the back. What a great way to see the city, well priced, fresh air, beautiful scenery. Good service and all round great experience. I’m converted and want to take one home with me!
– Miranda

“Ebike Ferry Adventure to Pencarrow Heads”July 2016
We’d been wanting to do this cycle/walkway trail for years and on a particularly fine day we decided it was time! Not having much sleep the night before we opted for ebikes and was so impressed by the customer service of the main man himself, Ryan! Enthusiastic from the get go (over the phone); going through the safety/instructional briefing and even meeting us as the ferry docked in the evening. The bikes are simply stunning too. We’ve recommended this place to everyone and will definitely be returning. We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. Thanks again 😀

“Excellent Fun!” April 2016

As a regular bike commuter I was eager to try the electric bikes out. They were great! Very easy to use the controls and easy to travel on. I’ve been thinking about it as I ride my regular bike ever since.
-Timon, New Zealand

“Best way to see Wellington”  April 2016

We were absolutely blown away at the awesomeness of this tour! We saw some of the best sites, beaches and views in Wellington. Sylvie was really knowledgeable about everything we visited and made for a fun & informative morning. The electric bikes were the best….quite a few hills made so much easier with the ‘turbo’ setting and the views were worth it. Great value & highly recommend!

-Amanda, Australia

“What a way to experience Wellington!” April 2016

Bikes – probably our favourite way to explore certain cities of the world but this experience was a first for us and one never to be forgotten. With turbo charged powered bikes, we saw double the normal number of sights in half the time and it was effortless and such fun. The huge climb up to Mt Victoria lookout to experience a vista like non other, we could not have achieved it without these powered bikes. With hills everywhere around Wellington, this is definitely the way to go. The location to collect the bikes is ideal for tourists, superb customer service – what more can I say – just do it – it’s brilliant! Thanks for the happy memories Ryan.

-Brilliant Bikers, Brisbane Australia

“Turbo charged cycling” March 2016

Had a fabulous bike tour of Wellington with Ryan from Switched On bikes. Easy to find location right on the waterfront and the next three hours were a joy. Very easy to get the hang of the electric bikes which are great fun. Lovely flat ride to begin with around the water front, past the airport to a really funky cafe for coffee. Then the real fun started with the electric assisted ride up Mt Victoria with great views at the top. And it was even more fun going back down. Lots of interesting insights into Wellington throughout the tour. I was very sad to say good bye to my trusty steed but had definitely been won over to electric – especially in Wellington. Highly Recommended.


“Great try to buy experience!” March 2016

Switched on lets you try to buy which is amazing! These bikes are perfect for Wellington, great friendly service too!
-Solidly Sold, Auckland New Zealand

“Brilliant way to spend half a day in the Capital!” March 2016

We visit Wellington probably once every couple of years and always do the same thing, wander along the waterfront, nip into Te Papa, do a bit of shopping and eat a lot and come home heavier! This time we decided to look for something a bit different and we were so glad we did! A 3.5 hr tour with Switched on Bikes got us further than we would have got if we’d just hired bikes and honestly, I felt like Wonderwoman zooming up the hills with only a bit of effort. The tour was great, our tour guide was really friendly and knowledgeable and I had so much fun I couldn’t stop smiling and bonus…evidently turning the pedals must have burned the calories anyway… weight gain at the end of a fab weekend!
-Jan, Christchurch New Zealand

“Fantastic day out in Wellington” March 2016

We hired e-bikes for the whole day and did a self-guided tour over to Day’s Bay and Pencarrow. Caught the ferry over and rode about 30kms with beautiful scenery and weather. The e-bikes are terrific, easy to use and they are so much fun to ride. Sean and Ryan were incredibly helpful as were the guys on the ferry who helped us with our bikes. Absolutely do this if you are in Wellington!

-Sally, Gosford Australia

“Whizzing around the bays with an electric tailwind”February 2016

We hired two Moustache e-bikes from Switched On and went for an adventure by ourselves to Miramar and Mount Victoria, with a

The service from Ryan was superb. He made sure we were kitted out with the right bikes for us, showed us interesting local spots on a map and gave us a quick e-bike primer before we headed out. He even recommended the best spot for ice cream at the end of our ride 🙂

– Ann, London England

“Great ride, considerate, thoughtful guide” February 2016

We just took a 4 hour guided bike ride along the water, then rode to the top of Mt Victoria for a breathtaking view of the city and bays. Sylvie was a perfect guide for 2 couples in their 60’s. She allowed us to set the pace, and gave a few brief informative talks along the way. There could be no better guide than Sylvie – a real treasure. The electric motor assist on the bikes was very easy to learn – almost instantly. It was as if someone with a firm hand was helping you along – the peddling was very easy, especially going up the hill to Mt. Victoria. We had great views, fresh air, and a non-strenuous adventure. It was a blast.

– Mike, Wisconsin USA

“First time on and E bike and now I want one:)” February 2016

Great day and great value. With only one afternoon in Wellington to explore we went directly from the airport, suitcases in tow, to our Bike adventure. Started off a bit slow but once we got going it was an amazing day. Can’t think of a better way to see Welly. Ryan was great and we learned lots from him. The bikes are just like a regular bike except they help out on hills ect. We still felt we got a workout even with the assist from the bike. Enjoy

-Jennifer, Maryland USA

“Cycling the easy way in windy Wellington” January 2016

An great way to see Wellington around the foreshores, airport and even up Mt Victoria. The electric bikes were easy to use and allowed us to cover a lot of ground in just the right level of exercise. They were surprisingly comfortable even after 4 hours of cycling with some stops. Great for mature couples ( we are over 60) and families.

-Peter, Sydney Australia

“Wairarapa weekend on electric bikes!” September 2015

We had a fantastic weekend on Ryan’s bikes – taking the train to Maymorn, over the Rimutaka Incline, around Lake Wairarapa and onto Martinborough, and then a more cruisy day the next day through to Carterton and back on the train.

The bikes were easy to use, and great on both the off road Incline, and then to help us up hills or to battle against the wind around the lake.

Ryan had prepared our bikes with mountain biking tyres and gave us all the help and extra gear we needed. Our weekend away felt like a real adventure holiday!

-Sarah, Wellington New Zealand

“Cycling has never been this easy” August 2015

I took a tour around Wellington with Ryan from Switched on bikes to see what an electric bike is really like. On the tour we cycled around the waterfront out past the airport to the chocolate fish cafe on Miramar Peninsular and back, and there was still plenty of energy left in me and the battery to get to a lookout over the city with ease (and I’d had a few drinks the night before). Impressed with the range and comfort. For me it combines the best of both worlds – active cycling that’s also an easy way to get around.

-Chris, Wellington New Zealand

“A great day out!” August 2015

What a fun experience as my friend and I took the bikes out for the day and wizzed around a lot of the coastline of Wellington, that we would not have seen on our holiday. The booking and pick up process was easy and Ryan told us all we needed to know. I had a sore knee and was able to use a bike that meant it was minimal impact on my knee. The electric part was AMAZING when going into the wind and up a hill and a few people commented as we were going as they are pretty awesome.

-Rose, Manchester England


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