Sizes: 42 cm, 47 cm, 53 cm
Matt Black/Dark Red, Matt Silver/Matt Blue

The Life P5 NuVinci is a premium, heavy duty, step-through SUV ebike with automatic gears that shift continuously rather than in increments. Developed by innovative German company Corratec in partnership with popular German sports physician Dr. Ludwig V. Geiger, it’s intended to enable people to improve their lifestyle through exercise. The parts are selected to support rider weights up to 150 kg without difficulty, and to be easy to use.

The combination of automatic continuous gearing with a low step-thru frame really makes this bike fantastically easy to use. You just keep pedaling, and it provides all the extra power you need while shifting seamlessly and continuously through the gearing as you increase or reduce speed. What a dream! This is all enabled by the innovative NuVinci rear hub, which brings continuously-variable-transmission (CVT), similar to what’s now common on automatic transmission cars, into the bicycle world.

To make it really capable under heavier loads, the front brakes have 4 pistons instead of the usual 2, the suspension forks and tires are straight from the mountain bike world, and the drive system is the powerful and reliable BOSCH Performance Line.

There’s no great mystery why choosing an ebike using BOSCH technology is a good idea. BOSCH have been developing high-performing electrically driven and battery powered equipment for professionals for a really long time. They know how to make it work well, and in the case of ebikes they’ve produced something which in our experience works extremely reliably (arguably the most reliable) and definitely has a smoother, quieter and more solid feel than the competitors, just like a good German car.

With its high durability and mountain bike forks, the Life P5 has great off-road capability to support total bicycle freedom. A wide soft saddle ensures comfortable sitting, and an adjustable handlebar height lets you customize your riding position as you find it fits best. This really is a rugged and comfortable bicycle SUV!

To top it off, it all comes with the beautiful, sleek and unique lines of the Corratec frame.

Who this is for

Those wanting a easy riding, easy access town and trail ebike with maximum durability and heavier load capability, and/or anyone wanting the unparalleled smoothness and ease of the continuously-variable-transmission NuVinci hub with their premium ebike.


Brake Magura MT4N rear, Magura MT5N front
Fork SR Suntour MOBIE 25 RLR
Frame Corratec Life
Seat Post ZZYZX Twin Bolt Alloy 150kg
Stem ZZYZX AS-820 Adjustable Ahead
Saddle SQ Lab 621 Active 18 cm Black
Handlebar ZZYZX  ITC-ID914A Flat 31.8 Sandschwar
Tire Continental Ride Tour
Rim Mach1 Kargo 27.5c 25c
Rear Hub Nuvinci Harmony HSYNC System N380 Comp
Crank Corratec EB-06 Bosch Special
Lights Full AXA Bluline
Battery Bosch PowerPack 400
Engine Bosch Performance Line 32 km/h
Charger Bosch Standard Charger 4A
Display Bosch Intuvia

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