Sizes: 49cm, 54cm, 57cm
Colours: Matt Black/Reflex Blue

The E-Power X Vert Expert 29 is a rugged and beautiful hard-tail eMTB from the established German manufacturer Corratec, using the mighty BOSCH performance line drive system.

The E-Power X Vert Expert 29 is well prepared to take you beyond the road on trail adventures you never thought were possible. With excellent climbing ability, cushy grippy tires, smooth and durable suspension forks and strong 180 mm hydraulic disk brakes, alongside a powerful engine, big battery and a big range of gears to get you up those hills – this ticks all the boxes of a great eMTB for someone looking to get into the Big Out There and love it, even on challenging trails.

Ebikes have enabled more and more of us to have fun exploring freely so many places that used to be really hard to go, and that’s the kind of magic this bike really excels at.

And, in this case, it does it with a ton of style, undoubtedly a very sleek and refined look for an ebike. Corratec have developed their own approach to battery integration new to 2019 called Shadow Edge Tube, which fully hides the large 500wh Bosch Powertube in the almost normal-sized downtube while still providing an exceptionally strong and stiff frame. It’s been a great challenge for bike designers to make a really well-proportioned looking eMTB, and we think Corratec has nailed it with this one – the subtle angles on the top tube and seat stay are strikingly balanced and the enlarged base of the seat tube perfectly compliments the fatter battery-containing downtube.

There’s no great mystery why choosing an ebike using BOSCH technology is a good idea. BOSCH have been developing high-performing electrically driven and battery powered equipment for professionals for a really long time. They know how to make it work well, and in the case of ebikes they’ve produced something which in our experience works extremely reliably (arguably the most reliable) and definitely has a smoother, quieter and more solid feel than the competitors, just like a good German car.

Tires are a really important component of any bike and the Continental X-King is a truly excellent choice here. With obvious chunkyness for that crucial, reassuring grip but also low-profile knobs in a pattern that won’t slow you down too much on the road or the easier sections of trail. 29 inch wheels like these are becoming more and more popular for the smooth-rolling feel over bumps and the stability they provide at faster speeds which mountain bikers love.

The X-Power X Vert has also developed a reputation for being a great climber due to these big smooth-rolling wheels and also the geometry allows you to climb steeper things without the front wheel accidentally lifting off the ground, which is really important when you have all that BOSCH power behind you! And with everything you need to ride playfully or adventurously on the way down again as well, this is a truly versatile eMTB.

Who this is for

Those who want to be free to get beyond the road and explore the open trail – mtb parks, rail trails, spots around town and long gravel roads with smoothness, stability and versatility. It will be as at home at Wellington’s Makara Peak Mountain Bike Park as it will on a rail trail, yet it’s sleek looks and the great feel of that powerful BOSCH drive will make it superb for a daily commute as well.


FRAME Corratec E-Power X Vert 29
FORK SR Suntour XCR Air
BRAKES Tektro HDM275 front, Tektro HDM275 rear
SADDLE ZZYZX Sports Comfort Saddle
CASSETTE G. Falcon CS-1042 
RIM ZZYZX Cross Attack 29
TIRE Continental X-King 2.4 Performance
ENGINE BOSCH Performance
BATTERY BOSCH Power Tube 500 W/h
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