Wellington, New Zealand, is a beautiful compact city, ringed in green spaces and wild beaches. It should be perfect for riding a bike, but some serious hills, and a tendency for wind, can make biking a bit of a mission sometimes.

If you enjoy rolling around a city, but don’t want to bust a gut, or arrive in a pool of sweat, an electric bike- or eBike- is a brilliant way to get a boost in the tough parts of your ride.

Switched on Bikes reckons your visit to an iconic Wellington landmark will be twice as memorable if you’ve got a unique story of how you got there.  eBikes are easy to ride- if you can ride a bike you can ride an eBike!  Select your level of assistance and pedal like normal. As a feel-good bonus, it’s a green way to get around.

I’ve chosen five amazing places to visit in Wellington that are even better when you roll up on an eBike!

  • The Miramar Peninsula and Shelly Bay

If you’re interested in exploring Wellington harbour from every picturesque perspective, a ride around Miramar peninsula is an awesome day out. The winding road is popular with riders and has plenty of photo-ops.

My favourite place to stop for a coffee or lunch is the Chocolate Fish Cafe at Shelly Bay (make sure you ask to try a chocolate fish!). From there you can choose to extend the ride around the peninsula to find more stunning bays and rugged coast or return around the bays from from there.

If you ride on to Scorching Bay you’ll find a beautiful rocky coast with coves and steep cliffs, as well as sweeping sandy beaches. There’s a swim beach and a nice cafe too.  If you’re riding in the summer, dip your toes in the water to cool off!

Ride time from Switched on Bikes: 1 hour to Shelly Bay, 1.5 hours to Scorching Bay. Flat riding with the likelihood some wind.



  • Mount Victoria lookout

To enjoy stunning views of Wellington harbour and downtown, Mount Victoria lookout is a must-see. Frequented by both visitors and locals, the lookout is 196 metres up, and offers 360-degree views of the city and Wellington Harbour. It’s also a good spot to feel the wind that Wellington is famous for.

You shouldn’t leave Wellington without taking in the stunning view from here. It’s a long sweaty walk, or a short and fun ride on an Electric Bike!

Ride time from Switched on Bikes: 30 minutes



  • Zealandia

Wellington’s incredibly popular eco-sanctuary, Zealandia, is only four kilometres from the Wellington waterfront. A long hill can put people off, but an e-bike is the best way to arrive.

The park is home to 18 reintroduced species of unique native wildlife. Rare and endangered species like the little spotted kiwi and the tuatara live wild within the predator-proof fence. You’ll have the chance to see native parrots feeding, and sneak-up on some of New Zealand’s rare forest bird-life. There is nowhere else in the world quite like Zealandia. It’s theme park for nature-lovers.

You’re not allowed any bicycles inside the park – that would ruin the prehistoric feel. But there is an eBike charging station at the entrance!

Cost: $18.50 adult, $10 kids, free for under fives

Opening hours: 9 am – 5 pm daily

Ride time from Switched on Bikes: 20 minutes


  • The Weta Cave

The cornerstone of Wellington’s movie industry, Peter Jackson’s Weta Workshop, isn’t in the city centre, but it’s only a short eBike ride away! There’s also some neat sights to ride by, including the Wind Sculpture Walkway, the Wellywood sign

The Weta Cave has amazing models and props from Lord of the Rings and other films on display, and souvenirs for the movie-nerds among us. You’ll definitely enjoy seeing the movie magic of Weta Workshops for yourself.

For extra fun, see if you can find Gandalf for a photo-op in front of the Roxy Cinema near-by.

Entry: free or take a tour for only $25

Hours: 9 am – 5:30 pm daily

Ride time from Switched on Bikes: 1 hour (flat riding)


  • Miramar Peninsula- Centennial Reserve

Every visitor to Wellington will find the Mount Victoria lookout, but for a unique view of Wellington that tour busses can’t reach, ride to the top of Miramar Peninsula and up to the water towers in Centennial Reserve.

Miramar is a peninsular on the eastern fringe of Wellington city. Centennial Reserve lookout offers a greener view of Wellington’s eastern suburbs, and allows you see a stunning view of the harbour’s entrance.  You can also watch planes landing on the strip of land between the harbour and the coast!

Ride time from Switched on Bikes: 1 hour



If these five options for exploring Wellington on an electric bike aren’t enough for you, there are plenty of other amazing destinations for food, fun, and culture around Wellington. Have a chat with the staff at Switched on Bikes to let them know what kind of experience you’re looking for. Switched on Bikes are also known for their Electric Bays Tour if you’d like a local’s insight to the city and bays.

Switched on Bikes is centrally located on the Wellington Waterfront.


Written by Laura Keown

Twitter @laurabkeown


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